Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy begins from the proposition that to be a great teacher one must also be a great listener. I therefore resist uni-directional (or what Freire calls “banking”) approaches to teaching: where a Professor acts only as the conduit of information and students (very) passively absorb it. Students are not simply empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge. To this end, I believe a university classroom environment should be intrinsically collaborative. I encourage students to engage, participate, and experiment with challenging ideas and exercises. Students must take an active role in the shaping of their own experiences.

Courses Taught 2018-2019:

Durham University, School of Government and International Affairs:
SGIA 1071: International Security, Interdependence and Organisations
SGIA 2261: International Organisations
SGIA 2341: Research Project
SGIA 47615: Model United Nations (MA)
SGIA 47730: International Relations Theory (MA)